Welcome to Monetization Mindset Training

Monetizing your lifestyle is more of a mindset shift than anything else. Freedom revolves around the single concept of creating multiple streams of income.

- 9-5

Most of us despise this income stream especially when it can be very helpful in the beginning. Unless you're doing something constructive with your money though, you won't appreciate it. Make a plan for you money and you'll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Cashback Credit & Debit Cards

Remember monetizing your lifestyle is about activating multiple streams of income. Many may say the money you get back from these cards is so small. But, a real pirate wouldn't leave any money on the table. Especially if you didn't have to work for it! Sign up and start making more money today!

- Dividend Stocks

One common asset the wealthy invest in are dividend stocks. They're easy. They're passive. And they're better than a bank. Instead of saving money in a boring bank, save a little in safe dividend stocks each month and get paid each month!

- Music Streaming

Some of the best skills a musician can learn is sales & marketing. Smart advertising can get your music in front of targeted fans who will stream your music! When done right, fans will stream your music even after you stop running ads. Generating $$$$ in your sleep!

- Tax Strategy

First, learn about taxes. Second, I'm not a tax professional. In the beginning years of business, most entrepreneurs lose money. But you are 'investing' money into your business. These losses are business deductions and put more money in your pocket during tax season. Done right not only puts more money in your pocket but helps you focus on your vision.

- Sales Funnels

There are two worlds when it comes to ecommerce. The world of storefronts (ie. drop shipping) and the world of sales funnels (ie. sales pages & upsells). Majority of entrepreneurs struggling online are dealing with this concept. Creating a sales funnel people visit is the most efficient way to generate money online!

- Affiliate Marketing

Run out of things to sell? Or, don't know what to sell? Take a look at products you use in your daily life. Have you ever noticed your favorite brand say something like "Share with a friend and get $20!"? Start sharing and start earning!

I hope you enjoyed this short training. Don't worry about cutting every single expense down. Figure out how you can earn more. Freedom is around the corner. Masters of the mind are Masters of the universe!